The Standees

2013  The Standees,  16 min HD video

Direction & Scenario : Remty Elenga
Camera: Pim Top
Sound: Model Man
Featuring: Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, Leonardo Dicaprio, Carey Mulligan, Joaquin Phoenix and Amanda Siefried (Perry de Man, Nina Eva Davies, Rory van Wingerden, Tessa Gravelijn).

The Standees is a short film inspired by the film industry and it’s celebrity actors. The title comes from the freestanding cardboard advertisements used to promote movies in cinemas. Elenga collected a large number of these Standees and used their famous heads to create a new film in which ‘The Standees’ take the starring roles. In a staged world they are found roaming trough a hotel. Isolated from each other and from the outside world they appear to be trapped in their own loneliness and boredome.

The Standees originally is part of an installation which was presented at Showroom Mama (end 2013). Though, it also has been screened as an individual video at several film events (IFFR Offscreen, Cinenoord, Roffa Mon Amour & Finale Lantaren Venster Open Doek).